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What is a Criminal Record?

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Literally speaking, a "record" just means any document, physical or electronic, that can be accessed in order to obtain information. Using this rather expansive definition, there are multiple places where "criminal records" reside. The very first place that has a record of all arrests, and copies of all police reports, is the police department itself. The second place is the local prosecutor's office. Finally, the courthouse that actually handled the matter will have "complete" records of everything that took place in every case

The California Department of Justice keeps a file on everyone who is convicted of a crime, or even arrested for a crime, within the state. These files are commonly referred to as a person's "criminal record." On the street (or in movies supposedly taking place on the street) you will sometimes hear a person's criminal record referred to as his or her "rap sheet."

Who Can See My Criminal Record?

Anyone who wants to see it. Almost all employers now run criminal background checks. So do many lenders such as banks and credit card companies. If you are looking to buy a car you need to finance, a house you will need a mortgage on, or you need to get a job to pay for those things in the first place, someone is going to a run a criminal background check on you.

How Can Someone See My Criminal Record?

Most people who want to do a criminal background check, such as employers and property renters, will pay a private agency to run a search through the records of the California Department of Justice and report back to them. The criminal records housed in the California Department of Justice are public records (meaning they are open to be viewed by any member of the public). There are dozens (possible hundreds) of private companies that will obtain these records for a price and give them to customers.

How Important Is This To Me?

Very Important. The people running a criminal background check on you are doing it for a reason. Those kinds of checks provide instant information about the prospective job/loan/rental candidate. Regardless of the circumstances, simply seeing a criminal conviction on a record puts a preconceived idea in a person’s head, and you should not be denied an opportunity because of a mistake that you have already done time for.

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