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Challenging Field Sobriety Tests in Visalia

California Breath, Blood, & Field Sobriety Tests

At the Law Office of Gregory Hagopian, we provide extensive driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs representation. As a law firm dedicated to criminal defense for clients facing DUI charges, our firm's legal team has sophisticated knowledge of how to effectively challenge blood, breath, and field sobriety tests results.

His experience includes reviewing factors to determine if mistakes were made, including the following:

  • Field sobriety tests. He examines the entire scene, from lighting conditions and ground level to your clothing and possible distractions.
  • Blood tests. He reviews the chain of custody. Blood samples need to be logged in by police, then logged out and handed to a person at the lab, who must take custody, test the sample, and officially return the sample back to the police. Additionally, he looks at Diabetes and medications affecting the BAC blood test results.
  • Breath tests. Breathalyzer machines must be calibrated and maintained according to state guidelines. Additionally, police officers must have proper training to administer the test and prepare the machine.

Our firm is led by Visalia criminal defense attorney Gregory Hagopian — a former California prosecutor who has handled hundreds of cases. His unique insights into correct testing procedures enable him to evaluate clients' cases thoroughly to determine the best way to challenge the results in court. When evidence is obtained illegally or is contaminated, he will fight to have evidence suppressed and charges dismissed.

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These tests are not 100 percent accurate and many outside factors can cause contamination. For instance, if blood is not preserved properly, it can grow mold. Mold produces ethanol, which could produce a false positive result. Additionally, when breath tests are not conducted using state and federal guidelines or the machine is not in perfect working order, the results can be tainted.

Under certain situations, our firm can have blood samples retested by an independent lab. Forensic science experts can evaluate the evidence and procedures to demonstrate that evidence has been compromised.

A positive DUI test is not a conviction. Contact a qualified lawyer today at (559) 377-6627 to help you challenge your test results.

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