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The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian provides comprehensive representation for individuals charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. Our firm is directed by former California prosecutor and experienced DUI defense attorney Gregory Hagopian, who is dedicated to protecting clients' rights at every stage of their case.

As a dedicated Visalia DUI attorney, Mr. Hagopian devotes substantial time, talent, and resources to helping clients preserve their driving privileges and minimize their consequences. He understands that California places strict penalties on DUI charges and tailors his representation to each client's unique situation.

His extensive representation includes:

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A Former Prosecutor Fighting for You

As a former prosecutor, attorney Gregory Hagopian understands how judges and prosecutors approach DUI cases. He can evaluate your situation from both viewpoints to anticipate issues and prevent complications.Alcohol & car keys - Visalia DUI Lawyer

Mr. Hagopian possesses a sophisticated understanding of police procedures. He can review the facts of your case to determine if the police had probable cause to stop you and arrest you. He can even evaluate the effectiveness and legality of a field sobriety test. If he discovers that your rights were violated, he will fight to have evidence suppressed and your case dismissed.

Our leading Visalia DUI attorney has extensive trial and negotiation experience. He has read hundreds of police reports on DUI cases and knows what they say and should say.

Guidance Through The Criminal Court System

We understand that many individuals charged with DUI often have never been to court before, so they don't understand the legal system. Our Visalia criminal defense lawyer is dedicated to protecting clients' rights, preserving driving privileges, and minimizing consequences.

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