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Visalia Criminal Defense Attorney

A Former Prosecutor Who Will Fight for You

Gavel Hitting the DeskAttorney Gregory Hagopian provides vigorous representation for people accused of crimes in Tulare County, Kings County, and Fresno County. With his extensive trial experience, Gregory Hagopian knows how to defend your rights and freedom.

As a former prosecutor, Gregory Hagopian knows police procedures and the mistakes that officers can make when arresting a person. He knows how to assess the strengths and identify the weaknesses in prosecutors' cases. Mr. Hagopian is very familiar with the attitudes of prosecutors and judges and their receptiveness to alternative, out-of-court solutions in certain types of cases. As your legal counsel, Mr. Hagopian will be by your side through every step of the process.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Advocate

At The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian, we defend people accused of all types of crimes, including DUI, drug crimes, theft crimes, and violent crimes. Mr. Hagopian also represents clients in other criminal law matters, including expungements, misdemeanor warrants, and probation violations. As one of the Central Valley’s only California Bar Association Certified Specialists in Criminal Law, you can trust in his demonstrated knowledge, skill, and legal expertise in his field.

When you retain The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian to represent you, our team will:

  • Organize and conduct a comprehensive legal defense of your rights and liberty
  • Represent you in a bond hearing if necessary, to reduce your bail or secure your release on your own recognizance
  • Explain the legal process, possible defense strategies, and your options
  • Provide counsel and support as you deal with the effect of the arrest on your personal, financial and family situations

Whether it involves a felony charge, a traffic ticket, or another criminal law matter, you can depend on Visalia criminal defense lawyer Gregory Hagopian for skillful, results-oriented advocacy.

For a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense advocate, contact The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian at (559) 377-6627.

Mr. Hagopian Knows What You Are Going Through, and He Is Committed to Getting You Through This Tough Time.

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