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Visalia Sex Crimes Lawyer

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Protecting Your Rights, Preserving Your Freedom

In several significant ways, being convicted of a sex crime carries more serious consequences than a conviction for other types of charges. Friends and family may shun you. You may be sentenced to prison. You face the possibility of a lifetime listing on the California sex offender registry, which can limit your ability to live where you want to and work in your desired profession.

If you have been charged, your best response is to obtain representation from an experienced and determined defense lawyer.

Gregory Hagopian defends people accused of all types of sex crime charges, including sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, child molestation and child pornography. As a former prosecutor, Gregory Hagopian understands how prosecutors and judges approach sex crime cases. He understands how to evaluate the strength of evidence — and most significantly — the weakness in the state's case. He also knows when and under what circumstances they are willing to agree to accept an arrangement that avoids listing on the sex offender registry.

To learn more about your case and potential defense strategies that are available to you, contact The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian for a free consultation.

Sex Crime Defense Strategies

When defending you, Gregory Hagopian will consider all possible defense strategies. Depending on the circumstances of the case, these could include the motivation of the complainant, the identity of the alleged perpetrator and others. Gregory Hagopian has extensive trial experience, and if it is necessary, he will defend your rights and freedom vigorously at trial.

Avoiding A Listing On The Sex Offender Registry

Listing on the sex offender registry is mandatory upon conviction for certain types of crimes such as rape. Listing is not required upon conviction for sexual assault or other types of sex crimes, however. It may be preferable to accept a conviction on a lesser charge rather than obtain a permanent, irreversible listing on the sex offender registry. Gregory Hagopian has experience negotiating these types of plea arrangements. Before recommending this course of action, Gregory Hagopian will thoroughly review all aspects of the situation, explaining your options in detail.

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For a free consultation with an experienced Visalia sex crime attorney, contact The Law Office of Gregory Hagopian.

For a free Consultation, Contact The Law office of Gregory Hagopian

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